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Shamshad Tv Live Online Shamshad Live Channel

Shamshad Tv Live, Shamshad Tv Online, Shamshad Tv stream, Shamshad television Live Stream Description The most recent 24 years of war have annihilated our social, financial, and instructive foundation in Afghanistan. The instructive framework has especially experienced the assaults of war and disregard. The Pashtoons who are the greater part, living in the most vexed territory of both side of the outskirts in the middle of Afghanistan and Pakistan stayed uneducated because of the absence of schools, universities and colleges. Absence of instruction and learning, adolescent era particularly ladies and kids stayed unconscious of their outside world. They are impacted by the fundamentalists, warlords, drug-Mafia and reckless individuals.

Shamshad Tv Live Online Shamshad Live Channel

Shamshad TV Live Streaming

The nation has seen numerous events where the pure ladies, youngsters and regular people have been slaughtered through self-destructive assaults and aeronautical bombardments. It will take numerous years to bring our kin to the point where we could instruct them with daily papers or magazines. They require data on basic monetary and social undertakings. Radio and TV give a vital data media to instruct individuals about peace, vote based system, common society, sexual orientation, and medication and wellbeing issues.

Shamshad TV Live Streaming 

In the most recent three decades or thereabouts, the vicinity of Russians, comrade administration, fundamentalists as influenced the connection of the Afghan individuals with the International Community. Afghanistan and its kin ought to be sufficiently proficient to utilize media as a compelling weapon rather than arms to battle and react to the adversaries all the more politically, carefully and shrewdly. It’s imperative to teach them so they can learn adjoin different countries who have been through comparable turbulent and traumatic times and circumstances and how they brought themselves back from war and neediness to a position of peace and flourishing.

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