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Gawahi TV Live Waatch Online

The GTV is the non beneficial and interdenominational visionary development in Pakistan; With vision to reach to the unreached 96% populace of our country Islamic republic of Pakistan pretty nearly 180 millions and particularly to 50 Million souls of our territory Sindh and 18 million in city Karachi with affection and uplifting news of our master Jesus Christ.

Gawahi TV Live Waatch Online

Gawahi TV Live Waatch Online

God has called and pick us for the evangelism and mission meets expectations in our area and by his beauty we are serving for his kingdom progression since August 2001, we led youth activation programs, enormous evangelistic occasions (mass evangelism like campaign/celebrations) courses, gatherings, road gatherings, running schools in Muslim populated regions, therapeutic camps & service among the poor kids, expertise improvements But we are imploring subsequent to along time of time for the media part for arriving at to the diverse groups as there is much limitation to impart the gospel in the Islamic nation so we urgently petitioning God for the media part to impart the uplifting news & affection for our ruler Jesus Christ with unreached 96% populace of the nation.

Gawahi TV Live Watch Gawahi TV Live Streaming

So this is the answer of the requests to God of our siblings and sisters in Pakistan and as far and wide as possible that GTV began link and web broadcast from Karachi-Pakistan on tenth Feb 2010.

The GTV looks to commend God by offering the uplifting news of our master Jesus Christ, teaching educating and advancing the bible founded teachings and Appling the lordship of Jesus Christ in all zone of life.

Regarding the all religions and their convictions are our stick approach, There are No separation of distinctive foundations of religion, race and shade in the GTV, God called us to love everybody and serve for his kingdom progression as one body, we have been called us to Fight against fiend NOT with CHRISTIAN individual sibling, Ministries and houses of worship “We are pastors of compromises”

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