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New York Blizzard Threatens

New York blizzard threatens

New York blizzard threatens

New York: North-eastern states, including New York are under blizzard, fourteen hundred flights were canceled due to the storm and have been instructed to remain in their homes.

According to foreign news agency issued a security alert has been completed, the front part of the US cities of snow, New York and North Eastern States of America is facing an ice storm.

Meteorologists say the storm could be the worst snowstorm in history.

Stormy winds and snow that paralyzed the normal life, more than a thousand flights were canceled and the mayor of New York is to stay in their homes, people have started to stockpile food.

Stormy winds, snowfall paralyzes life routines, reported severe cold, snow was disrupted traffic system.

Scattered snow in parts of six inches to a foot is predicted.

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