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US To Kill or Capture Fazlullah Assures

US to kill or capture Fazlullah assures

US to kill or capture Fazlullah assuresĀ 

Islamabad: Senate Defence Committee to attend the meeting criticized the defense minister, told the committee that the United States was to kill or capture of Mullah Fazlullah is assured.

Secretary of the Senate Standing Committee meeting of the committee visited the US Army Chief briefed the meeting on the future of the region’s security and Afghanistan have been given.

Pakistan’s defense secretary said the United States to the security of the region and the United States had convinced him to kill or capture full of grace is assured.

Mushahid Hussain said the committee chairman of the Coalition Support Fund of the United States this year, Pakistan will make a billion dollars, according to defense officials, US forces will remain in Afghanistan until the end of this year.

Non-participation in meetings of the Committee on Defense Defense Committee members noted that the Committee did not value, defense officials said the high-level delegation to Afghanistan next month, Pakistan will come.

He said the US-Pakistan Defense Consultative Meeting nyagly five year vision for America’s security aware, Pakistan, Afghanistan and the United States improved intelligence sharing system, routine security challenges for the United States to Pakistan weapons and security devices will give.

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