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All-Rounder Sohail ghost In Room


All-Rounder Sohail ghost In Room

‘All-rounder Sohail ghost in the room.¬†Pakistan squad for the 2015 Cricket World Cup in the year rounder Sohail then began shaking and severe fever overtook them when they said they felt the presence of ghosts in the hotel room.
Pakistani cricket team in the World Cup in New Zealand, and then there is the establishment of the team in the hotel room of this Haris said he was awakened from sleep by a ghost.
Christchurch team, Regis lytymr called the hotel is located.
Team manager Naveed Akram Cheema said 26-year-old all-rounder, a member of the management team in their room when they called and when Harris was shaking with fear. According to Harris, a ghost, his bed was vigorously stirred and awakened from their sleep. Harris spent the rest of the room all night coach.
Team management has made the Harris examines his health is fine.
Although this hotel has a reputation for supernatural beings, but also in terms of hotel management says that it is not in the vicinity of a dynamic spirit.

All-Rounder Sohail ghost In Room

This is not the first time that night the ghost of international players have complained about the presence
Christchurch quake was in 2011 in the area in which 185 people were killed. However, since the arrival of the team in the area of the earthquake is not reported.
According to AFP news agency that it is not the first international cricket at night have complained about the presence of ghost. In 2005, the Australian players ‘lumly Castle Hotel’ I had complained. 600 year old castle that is known about the murder of a woman in the fourteenth century ‘Lily’ is the haunt of the spirit.
According to AP news agency last year, Australia’s Brett Lee Hotel in London lnghm did change my room because he was complaining that he was awoken at midnight by a ghost. He told the Daily Mail newspaper suddenly opened his bathroom sink, but when they lit the lights automatically turn off the tap gyyg then opened the lights are off.
Australia’s Shane Watson similar to the UK as a ghost in a hotel room Fleeing from

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