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Pakistani Cricketers & Their Plight Earnings


Pakistani Cricketers  & Their Plight Earnings

Lahore: Central Contract recent controversy has highlighted once again that the Pakistan cricket players do not get the money. National cricketers play in first-class home right away so they can not get money. Pakistani Cricketers  & Their Plight Earnings.

The money is not spent on cricket in Pakistan cricket. His cry, cries every cricket match first-class cricket in Pakistan dykhylnyky one of only seven thousand rpy and fifteen thousand four-day match. In all, a player barely a whole season they can earn close to two lakh.

A new cricket season in India also earn thirty to forty lakh Cricket in India because that money is spent on players. Cash popularity of players and earns millions Pakistan Cricket Board, but the bulk of it is in the banks.

It appears on the salaries of directors and hundreds of other employees who have to reduce their spending is not. Members of the Governing Board to offer foreign countries who are visiting.

Central contracts are reminded again that the current conflict will not get good money players so players will be stopped. Pakistani Cricketers  & Their Plight Earnings

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