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Girl Torched Ankarprlrky News Wounderful

Girl torched ankarprlrky

Girl torched ankarprlrky

Moro: refusing to marry 20-year-old girl poured gasoline shun set, the victim was burned kajsm percent.

Girl Torched Ankarprlrky News Wounderful,According to the resident Sajid NAUSHAHRO fyruzky expressed a desire to marry Rajput notified akrmlzm in ankarprtys reportedly torched told turprptrul sprinkle.

The girl was taken to a government hospital care ward where daktrun turpranthayy it moved quickly. According to doctors, the victim’s body is affected strfysd further treatment is only possible in Karachi.

Police have detained View Rajput According to police sources pransdad terrorism will be tried.

Police say the victim’s father to last several earlier rain had bullied her daughter was warned and made the victim of revenge against his innocent daughter.

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