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Cruise Ship Volume Of Satellite Earth ‘Very Close’ To Pass By

Cruise Ship Volume Of Satellite Earth 'Very Close' To Pass By

Cruise Ship volume of satellite earth ‘very close’ to pass by
Astronomers say the size of a cruise ship could be seen on the satellite Wales and the spectacle can be seen only once in 200 years.
The Astronomy Satellite million kilometers from Earth will pass through. In astronomical terms, however, the satellite will pass close to Earth.
Jonathan Powell Astronomers say that it would be very rare sight. Powell’s eight o’clock in the evening GMT satellites of Jupiter and the bright stars will be seen between sryys.
Astronomers say the asteroids in the 2004 BL86 is quite a stir because of its views.
Powell said: “asteroids that pass near Earth day, but it is big enough for more interest. And second, that it will happen at night. ‘
He adds, “Most asteroids are so small that they can not be lower than Telescope. But the common telescope satellites will also be seen.
Powell says that the SAT three times farther than the distance between Earth and the moon will pass.
He said the satellite it will feel like traveling very slowly and is traveling in the opposite direction of all things.
US space agency NASA says it will pass very close to the satellite, and then in 1999 AN10 year 2027 will pass through such a short distance.

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