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Contract to the year not three months

Contract to the year not three months

‘Contract to the year, not three months.

Misbah leads Pakistan cricketers from Pakistan Cricket Board has rejected the three-month contract, the contract calls for the full year.
This situation has arisen at a time when the team was going to take part in the World Cup and then prepare for the World Cup in New Zealand’s match.
Pakistan Cricket Board spokesman board is in contact with the players and hope that this problem will be solved soon.

Contract to the year not three months
two new player players including Yasir Khan and Sohail Khan went for.
Before leaving New Zealand cricket team players also expressed reservations about the contract, and he had refused to sign the contract. The chairman of the shryarkan was discussed in detail, but the players were not ready for his stance.
If the contract demand.
It is also found that one of their players win bonus win the series instead of the object that is passed on to win every match.
The Pakistan Cricket Board contract last won a match bonus policy were to win the series, while the amount of the bonus was granted not to the player.

Contract to the year not three months

Pakistan Cricket Board contracts to players who had formed Zakir Khan, Haroon Rasheed, Moin Khan Younis were added.
Moin Khan chief selector and coach of the player and his time with Team New Zealand are in.

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