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Grandson Gandhi Nehru Daughter

Grandson Gandhi Nehru Daughter

Grandson of Gandhi, Nehru’s daughter

Karachi Literature Festival this year, six, seven and eight is scheduled for February. 37 delegates from nine countries in 85 meetings this year, including 210 scholar will speak to the issue of 28 books.
Beach Luxury Hotel in Karachi for the festival, Oxford University Press (and UK), more than seven domestic and foreign cultural institutions and is supported by Coca-Cola.
Friday while addressing a press conference in Karachi Arts Council and UK Managing Director and Karachi Literary Festival (L F), the founder and co-founder Dr. Amina Syed Asif Farrukhi the opening keynote of this year’s festival English writing fiction writer in the Indian and Pakistani poet Zohra Sehgal Nayan Tara will look.
Fifth Hussain Karachi Literature Festival, Nadeem Aslam and Dr. Raj Mohan Gandhi, grandson of Mahatma Gandhi, while speakerphone speaker this year are the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru.
Fair storytelling, poetry, performing arts, posters, art exhibition, video screening, a sport for children from other authors to sign their books will also be opportunities.

Grandson Gandhi Nehru Daughter
Playwright Dr Asif Farrukhi
The number of participants of the festival also more likely to have taken place in people’s hearts is fair.
According to him, in 2010 the number of participants who had five thousand in the year 2014 reached more than 70 thousand.
Dr. Asif Farrukhi, himself a distinguished writer, translator, critic and quarterly book series’ dnyazad, editor of the festival, storytelling, poetry, performing arts, posters, art exhibition, video screenings, games for children in addition, the authors show that these opportunities will be signing books.
They say that this year was the best fiction, non-fiction and the books shortlisted peace prizes will be given three books.
Asif Farrukhi The Karachi Literature Festival is not just a local event, not only in this country but throughout the UK, USA, Germany, France, Canada, Russia and Bangladesh are also people who attended.

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