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Sim Registration Online Information Telenor Mobilink Warid

Crime is increasing in Pakistan to increase with each passing day, so everyone wants to stay safe and secure. One of the most useful things that many crimes are electronic stuff, such as mobile communications. So, now for the 2015 launch of the biological Mertic each network phone system to get rid of crime. Here, we give you the name of checking information online registration Sim data via SMS CNIC Telenor company Mobilink’s Warid Telecom and providers Ufone, Zong.

Sim Registration Online  Information Telenor Mobilink Warid 

Sim Registration Online  Information Telenor Mobilink Warid

If you’re looking to find out how many digits are your numbers do not worry. Because we know that if someone used it registered your name, purpose and police traced some bad numbers if you are using, you will catch any other SIM card. So, to get rid of this problem, you must check out this is the total number of your CNIC issued the SIMS. We give you the details of the method, simply enter your computer national identity card without giving any space to find the number of your name on our SIMS. PTA allows a person to activate at least 5 SIMS against their CNIC, if you are using one of the two SIMS, but the system is said to have told more numbers on the SIM card is activated, you must take immediate action to remove it from your name . So here we have to give you a detailed process, check out the way to find the registration look at your SIM card CNIC.

Sim Registration Online  Information Telenor Mobilink Warid 

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Pakistan Meteorological Bureau has been holding out all this security SIMS system. This is one of being responsible for forecasting, public warning and protection, safety and general information purposes, autonomous and independent institutions. The date it was established 67 years ago in 1947, the date of August 14, Pakistan’s Independence Day.

The department is also in the monitoring and investigation of weather phenomena, astronomical events, hydrological and research in astrophysics, climate change and many other things. The Department established the National Security of the Government of Pakistan from all aspects. The SIM security and information systems in this sector, which is why we’ve given you the PMD of a small prelude to do it.

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