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Cellular Industry Reiterates Commitment Towards National Security

As part of the new government of national action plans designed to combat terrorism – Pakistan’s mobile industry to re-verify process by starting about 103 million mobile phone SIM card, biometrics has reiterated its commitment to national security. That MobiLink, Pakistan Telenor, providers Ufone, Zong and Warid Telecom through biometric identification system (BVS) in the country – is currently being re-verification process by all five cellular mobile operators.

Cellular Industry Reiterates Commitment Towards National Security

Cellular Industry Reiterates Commitment Towards National Security

Cellular operators have been working with the government as well as the implementation of all measures taken in order to in the past as well as data verification process, including 668 early work provides all the necessary support in 2009, the verification process at 789 in 2011 and biometric identification system (BVS ) in 2014 introduced the industry has so far invested $ 25 million in equipment and provide about 60,000 BVS PKR22 billion and in this re-verification to spend a significant amount of other previously mandatory certification process in order to improve the availability of these BVS across Pakistan territory of equipment.

The cellular industry has urged all valued customers through revalidate their mobile phone SIM card in accordance with the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Ministry of the Interior (PTA) and the Ministry of Finance announced a timetable to fulfill the obligations of States. Insiders also seek the support of the government to ensure that law enforcement agencies / local authorities, to provide security at the service centers across the country / BVS franchises and retailers to meet the challenging task, where the re-verification process is underway Medium and so on.

Over the years, the telecommunications industry has been a major contribution to the transformation and economic development in Pakistan. Mobile communications is one of the largest contributors to the National Treasury. In the past three years, resulting in the telecommunications industry average of Rs. 124.8 billion per year in the national financial resources taxes, regulatory fees, initial and annual license fees, taxes and other costs activation. In the year 2014, the telecommunications sector has contributed to a record high of Rs. 243.8 billions registered a 95.8% growth in the past year. This is in addition to other fees and levies to pay federal and provincial governments and their departments of billions of dollars.

In the year 2014, cellular operators have to consider investment of $ 1,789.7 million acquisition and deployment of 3G and 4G spectrum of advanced telecommunications networks. Investment in the year 2014 the overall telecommunications ten thousand US dollars amounted to $ 1,815; $ 600 million from the United States, nearly tripling last year’s level. Almost half of the investment in telecom FDI, namely in the form of the telecommunications industry in the year 2014 in the United States to attract foreign direct investment 903 yuan million US dollars, received 34.2 percent of total foreign direct investment in Pakistan during this period. The industry has also created about 1.4 million direct and indirect jobs.

In addition, the industry is also in the whole society through the development of corporate social responsibility initiatives, as well as emergency situations in the country has played a significant role. The mobile phone industry has been in cooperation with the government and security agencies on national security issues at the forefront, and will continue to work in the light of the current security situation.

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