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1st Phase of Biometric Verification SIMs

1st Phase of Biometric Verification SIMs

1st Phase of Biometric Verification SIMs

Islamabad: biometric verification of SIMs has today launched the first phase, the first phase will be confirmed 44 million SIMs.

1st Phase of Biometric Verification SIMs. The first phase Telecom Karachi, Peshawar, Dera Ismail Khan, Balochistan, FATA of Pakistan’s 21 million SIMs, while the remaining 23 million on a SIM card which three or more SIMs have been issued, these will be confirmed .

In the first phase 12 January to 26 February, three or more SIM cards for those to be verified, the second phase February 27 until April 13 or less Sims Holders Sims will be confirmed, 14 April, after confirmation all this has not stopped sims said.

Mobile companies Sims biometric authentication while the media campaign will be launched through calls and SMS to the user’s biometric authentication will be.

Biometric authentication of mobile phone SIMs used in the country’s 10 million to 30 million SIMs is divided into two parts. Users who are a part of, an identity card using one or two SIMs.

Sensitive cities in other parts of Balochistan and FATA SIMs are used in the consumer on whom an identification card 2 or more SIM cards have been issued.

The Ministry of biometric authentication of mobile companies SIMs final deadline of 90 days was given.

Biometric verification of SIMs and mobile operators with regard to the interior ministry officials met, according to sources in the foreseeable 103 million SIM mobile companies will confirm verification of SIMs in two phases will be completed.

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