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Government Asks Sanjay To Surrender Today

Government Asks Sanjay To Surrender Today

Sanjay Dutt will need to surrender today as the administration dismisses his application for augmentation.

Government Asks Sanjay To Surrender Today. Bollywood Star Sanjay Dutt who went to prison yesterday on ninth January to surrender as his 14 days leave of unlucky deficiency got lapsed was sent back home since his application looking for expansion was under methodology. Nonetheless, the on-screen character has been called to surrender by the penitentiary powers as his expansion of leave of absence has been rejected.

The legislature of Maharashtra is in genuine anxiety to manage this prominent criminal case in which this megastar of Bollywood is included. At the point when Sanjay Dutt was given rehashed parole and leave of absence in his 42 months detainment a debate emitted in India and individuals began scrutinizing the administration of Maharstra’s double standard of treating with the offenders.

Presently the administration authorities have taken a firm choice looking into the issue by not augmenting Dutt’s leave of absence. The authorities have requested that him surrender today. The star turned out on 14 days leave on 24th December 2014 to observe New Year with the gang.¬†Government Asks Sanjay To Surrender Today.¬†

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