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I’m Not Surprised It Did Not Wash The Last 60 Years


I’m not surprised, it did not wash the last 60 years. Amu senior citizen pilgrim has the honor of being the world’s most foul.. Lahore (web address) from Fars province of Iran, a 80-year-old pilgrim in the world Amu person may be dirty. According to foreign news agency since 1954.

He does not even have a shower. Iran last year, according to a report published in the local newspaper Amu pilgrim encountered such situations that the world away from the bustle of life forced a severe loneliness. Amu Iranian pilgrims became worldwide news adorn the report also found that a person in the world who did not wash the last 60 years.

He says that he adopted this lifestyle so that they can stay closer to the natural environment. It is clear that not long ago, more than 66-year-old citizen of India Kailash Singh Bath honor those who had not seen the form of bathing water was 38 years. Citizens of Iran Haji Amu has broken the record for 60 years without touching it.

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