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Pakistan New Price of Petrol 1 January 2015

Administration of Pakistan to further lessening cost on petroleum items; as per which: from January 1, 2015 Pakistani customers are prone to appreciate a decrease of Rs 7.86 every liter in High Speed Diesel (HSD) value, Rs 14.14 in High Octane Blending Component (HOBC) value, Rs 11.26 every liter inkerosene Oil (KO) cost and Rs 10.48 every liter in Light Diesel Oil (LDO). However a definitive choice will be tackled December 31, 2014 by the legislature of Pakistan.

Pakistan New Price of Petrol 1 January 2015

Pakistan New Price of Petrol 1 January 2015

Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) issued warning in regards to the diminish in costs of petroleum items after fund service gave a go-ahead to a synopsis in this association.

Emulating the warning, The new costs of petroleum are demonstrated as under:

Keeping in view the steady reduction in oil costs comprehensively, the current rates have hit the most reduced scope of oil cost of the previous 5 years which has brought petrol cost to the level of 2008.

It is normal that the petrol costs will arrive some place in the scope of PKR 70 to PKR 75 every liter by first January 2015.

High Octane Petrol
Old Price: 106.27 per litre
New Price: 92.13

High Speed Diesel
Old Price: 94.09 per litre
New Price: 86.23

Super Petrol
Old Price: 84.53 per litre
New Price: 78.28

Light Speed Diesel
Old Price: 77.98 per litre
New Price: 67.50

Kerosine Oil
Old Price: 83.18 per litre
New Price: 71.92

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