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China’s economy is really the greatest?

China’s economy is really the greatest? Data concerning China’s economy if the United States went on to win the competition, but they will be facing India.

China’s economy is really the greatest?

China's economy is really the greatest

One hundred and forty years after the first America’s largest economy could not win. According to the IMF, China has seized on this opportunity.

China’s economy is now almost reached $ 17.6 billion, 17.4 billion US dollars, which is slightly higher.

Since 1872, when the US economy was moving to the UK is the first time that it be beaten.

The IMF statistics purchasing power Purchasing Power pierrette (PPP) Keeping out. The data suggests that the different countries you how much your money can buy.

According to the IMF PPP adjustment of the Chinese economy is estimated at 10.3 billion dollars.

Offered by the China GDP data including how to rely on the current Prime Minister has in the past expressed doubts are kykyang.

A diplomatic message sent by the US found that the appearance was in 2007, who was then secretary of Liaoning Province, told the US ambassador to China’s GDP figures they are not themselves derivative works of reference.

Population and production from China should be the world’s largest economy.

Population and production from China should be the world's largest economy.

Book, The Myth bstng caynaz numbers’ says the writer Matthew crab with a population of 1.36 billion just to China should be the world’s biggest economy. The last twenty years China are reviewing the data.

China’s response to this new award, he said: “What happened then.”
They say that if you look at purchasing power per capita, PPP adjusted so that the chain is $ 11.868 US (53,001) from the Dominican Republic (12,863) and Suriname (16,080) dollars is less.

The question is how easy it is to assess China’s economy? Crab say that it is hard work. “One of the most important things that are twisted villages and provincial levels have increased when data are increased. ‘

“Years and years of each province’s GDP figures than the national level are defined, logical and mathematical calculations that can not be. ‘

by 2100 India will surpass them.

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