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Warid 4G LTE Trials to Start from Next Week

Everyone is waiting for the news finally came: Warid Telecom will launch its public trial of all its 4G LTE services, we have confirmed the source.

In the first phase, starting next week, Warid Telecom postpaid 4G LTE service will be provided free of charge, for trial. Yes, in the test 4G service will be free.

Warid 4G LTE Trials to Start from Next Week

Almost who live in the area covered and whether they are 4G-enabled phones will be eligible to experience all the post-paid customer Warid Telecom’s 4G LTE service.

So here is how you can enjoy 4G test Warid Telecom:

  • You need a post-paid subscribers
  • You need to have 4G SIM card Warid Telecom (instead of the usual old SIM)
  • You need to use the coverage area in Warid Telecom 4G

We were told, Warid Telecom has started offering 4G compatible SIM card to those who have a 4G-enabled mobile phones and customers, if they live in 4G coverage areas. Our sources tell us, the customer’s SIM card upgrade process will get done before the start of the test.

So, if you are a post-paid customers. But you have not received Warid Telecom 4G SIM card, then you probably are not within the scope of coverage.

According to the information we have received, Warid Telecom will provide 4G LTE trials in six cities, including Pakistan: Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad, Gujranwala and Rawalpindi (mainly Bahria Town ). I can tell you – from what I have seen coverage map – which Telecom Warid 4G coverage is good, they are planning to expand footprint in other cities of 4G LTE.

Here’s how to check whether you are in 4G coverage area or not:

Send an SMS: 4G to 5555 to get coverage details of your location,
Alternatively, use following method:

Go to Setting-> Network Selection -> Manual Search

LTE Warid

Here, if you get “Warid Telecom LTE” logo, then you are in the coverage area of Warid Telecom 4G. What’s more, if you are a post-paid subscribers, if you get this sign, but you do not deliver 4G SIM card upgrade, then go ahead and make your call 321.

We were told that the trial will be stretched to the next stage of pre-paid users. The company will offer this option, the average user to get their SIM card into the office is part of Warid Telecom 4G trial.

Moreover, the previous corporate customers has provided 4G trials, but now it’s post-paid customers who will experience the 4G trials. Under a pre-paid customers are most likely in a few weeks time.

Must pay attention to something like this:

In 4G test data services are free
In 2G network mode (GPRS / EDGE) data service is not free, so make sure you are bundled together 2G 4G or buy to avoid any unexpected
Who owns 4G phone, if they are in the coverage area from Warid Telecom Business Center 4G SIM card, or you can call 321 to get your SIM card 4G delivered to your doorstep after a step-paid subscribers.
SIM doorstep delivery can take several weeks
iPhone users must update IOS8 function smoothly 4G
When you insert a SIM card 4G, you will get this confirmation text as a 4G trial subscription: Enjoy free 4G trials in Warid Telecom with the ultimate internet experience. You will be informed once the trial period ends. Standard data charges of 2G

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