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Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Sets Up Monitoring Cell for SIM Related Complaints

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has set up a special unit to deal with complaints SIM card issuance and related matters, but said a statement issued by the authority in.

PTA Sets Up Monitoring Cell for SIM Related Complaints

This may be recalled that, PTA has announced no new SIM card will no biometric August 1, 2014 to replace the SIM card is issued after biometric authentication, also issued. This rule has now been established throughout Pakistan, there is no mobile phone SIM card can be issued without verification of biometric user.

Moreover, the rules in the center of a network up to five SIM cards is also in place. This means that if a customer has to register his / her name more than 5 SIM card, then he / she can not issue a new SIM card. In order to obtain any new SIM subscriber will receive his / her earlier blocked SIM card SIM hub carries on the total number of 5 or less.

The newly established monitoring unit, designed to improve the efficiency of SIM card issuance process.

The battery should be obtained through various channels of law enforcement agencies and the public complaints. Dedicated email address for this purpose and SMS short codes have been created.

Anyone can contact the PTA, any questions e-mail at the following numbers if they are faced with in this process:

  • [email protected]
  • SMS: 6688

In addition, the complaint may be via a fixed telephone number 051-9207059, fax number 051-2878139 communication. A toll-free number, which 0800-55055 facilities can, free of charge.

Complaints should be investigated and the results of remedial measures should be taken to be shared with the relevant parties. Ordinary people to join the festivities, and inform the SIM card issuance observed in any of the complaints and violations PTA.

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  1. Ghulam Haider NIC 31202-2214073-3

    Please Block Telenor SIM which is issued on my name I am not client of Telenor company I also visit Telenor office since 2012-2014 They asked me to contact PTA. Thanks Ghulam Haider NIC 31202-2214073-3 Bahawalpur Dated 22-12-2014

  2. Sir Assllam o aliakum
    mere Resquest hai hai close only warid sim

  3. Good post – I Appreciate the info ! Does someone know if I could possibly locate a blank Employee Warning Notice example to type on ?

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