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Nokia Android Powered N1 Tablet

In a surprise move, Nokia released its first Android tablet, known as N1.

The N1 is equipped with 7.9-inch display, 2048 × 1536 resolution, runs on Android lollipops, and bears a striking resemblance to the iPad mini. The tablets are from a single piece of anodized aluminum production, premium look. The display is IPS LCD panel, which is equipped with laminated zero air gap. It weighs 318 grams and with a width of 6.9 mm, which is smaller and lighter than the iPad and thinner.

Nokia Android Powered N1 Tablet

Under the hood, it is equipped with a new watch in the 2.4GHz Intel Atom processor Z3580 processor. In addition, it has 2GB of memory. In the back, there is an 8-megapixel camera and a 5MP camera in front of the offer. For storage of things, it is equipped with a non-extended 32GB built-in memory. Other features include a reversible type C mini-USB port, stereo speakers and a 5300 mA battery rated.

Nokia Announces N1 Tablet

Nokia N1 Android tablet causes a surprise


The tablet is running Android5.O, Nokia’s focus is to promote its new Z starts. It has changed the application, and depending on the location and what you are doing at the moment is what ties on display. In addition, you can also painted the letters on the screen to pull applications.

Brooke Eaton, who is the director of Z start, said, “We started looking around, we just did not find any good Android tablets out there. We have such a beautiful, simple, elegant ž start. Why not build a equipment, is built on the same principle as is super simple and easy to use and elegant? ”

N1 Tablet PC will be available in two colors: “Natural aluminum” and “lava gray” and will cost US $ 249 plus tax. It is expected to be listed in China in mid-February to make their own way after the selection of the market.

If you remember, Nokia sold its equipment and business units to Microsoft in seven months ago to $ 7.2 billion. Fortunately, Nokia, Microsoft has decided to continue the Lumia brand launched their Windows Phone devices. So the real Nokia can make free use of its brand name for future devices. They still can not be sold in its name any smartphone to 2016, as part of the deal, but the tablet is not affected by the agreement.

The company also announced that it will re-enter the 2016 authorized the indirect field of smart phones after using N1 Android tablet release, we’ve got an early taste of the strategy. Foxconn is building the tablet PC, they have been authorized to use the Nokia brand. N1 is expected to be the first of many such products under similar protocols.

Concerns about brand dilution is effective, but Ramsay Haidamus, Nokia’s technical director, said it had a permission set very high. In an interview with the Financial Times interview, he added, N1 is Nokia’s industrial design team of product, the company has complete control over the design quality. All this means that we see today bear little resemblance to the Nokia devices are future products. It is also almost guaranteed that we will see the name of an Android operating system for smart phones with the familiar Nokia at some point in time.

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