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Apple Ipad Air 2 gold 24K Review

Apple Ipad Air 2 gold 24K Review

IPad2 pricing gilded Air is surprisingly rational. Slate 64GB version costs Vejjajiva gold VND 28 million (US $ 1315). This means that the price of gold therapy were then $ 600 is often labeled the iPad2 64GB air about 7 liters of water.

Apple Ipad Air 2 gold 24K Review


Fast! If you guess what an iPad2 air decked out in 24K gold looked like, what would you say?

If your answer is “ridiculous kitsch” – Congratulations! You are correct. (We are also willing to accept “a bit like Grandpa’s watch”)

Continue taking not involve gold, for some reason, including their gold baubles classic tradition, Vietnam has begun shipping jeweler Karalux air gilded iPad 2S.

25 million VND (about the equivalent of $ 1,173 US dollars) make you a 16GB model – about 674 mark, if you buy direct from the Apple store the original device.

Now, if you do not mind, I want to watch movies on my iPad2 air like a commoner non-gold to me.

Of course, 16GB and 128GB of iPad2 aircraft models will also be available. Karalux will reward one who picked up the end of his work with the gold-plated tie pin or a Zippo lighter with the same complete customer.

Money burning customers can also order the iPad Mini 3 with 24K gold finish. Earlier this month, Karalux BlackBerry passport has also demonstrated through the same treatment.


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