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Change Google+ plus custom Profile URL Username

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After a long time prediction, Google Plus is finally open for business, because it allows you to create Google plus page. The new feature is very similar to Facebook page, and some even called it Google’s version of the Facebook page. This is an important initiative as Google plus social network is only open to individuals, that there is no anonymity brands. Now all companies, celebrities or sports teams can create their own Google+ pages in http://plus.google.com/pages/create.

This change can definitely bring more new users, Google Plus profile increases the number of more than 40 million current number. Comprehensive collection of Google+ has some advantages Facebook, for example, free services, such as search, Gmail, and other documents that can help them to easily promote and network bound to these services. However, there is an important feature, is not widely Google plus, that is the option to change the name of Google plus page. This is really uncomfortable, to promote your Google+ pages have difficult to remember a long string of numbers. Here is the URL TechWalls “page:


This guide will tell you two ways to request vanity URL for your Google plus page.

  • Custom URL from Google+ Direct Connect

Update: Google launched Google+ directly connected, the user can use the “+” sign in front of a brand name directly to the Google+ page search. Custom URL is still in the development stage, Google said, URL they might charge a monthly fee. Here is how you make your Google plus page custom URL:

1. Go to your Google Plus Page -> Dashboard

2. You will see some of the labels at the top, go to your site, and install badge on your site. Just joined the snippet into your website, you will help to understand your website popularity and relevance.

3. Return to your dashboard, select the Overview tab under the edit page. Add a link to your website on Google plus page.

4. Wait for Google approval and launch a custom URL for your site.

5. You will receive an e-mail or notice, when you log in to the Google plus account. I received an e-mail like this:

Get a custom URL for your Google plus page

You are now eligible for a unique custom URL Google+, allowing you to easily point people to your page (no more long-term site!). Here’s what we reserved for you: google.com/+TechWalls

You will also see the notice on your account:


6. You can now simply click a link or button to get the URL address to confirm that you want to change.


7. Now, you can visit our Google plus page via the following link: google.com/+techwalls or plus.google.com/+techwalls

2. shortened URL for Google+

If your website has not been approved for Google plus and did not make it widely used but vanity URL (it does not even use a personal Google+ account), you need to use some alternative ways to shorten the URL, as we set up a custom URL for Google+ profile.

Gplus is a URL shortening service, but it is not an official tool from Google, so you need to use it at your own risk.

Here are the steps:

1. Create a Google Plus page

2. Go to your page and get page ID on the address bar. For example, my website is 100456744122229823295 ID.

3. Enter Gplus.to.

4. Fill in the name and ID of the following pages you need, then click the button to add.

5. Your website URL, now produce, you’ll get one like this:



Let us know if you have successfully claimed vanity URL for your Google plus page, how do you do.

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