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3 times more smokers, are suffering from back pain

3 times more smokers, are suffering from back pain

Smoking affects the function of brain cells, making the wrong path. London: So you would if cigarettes cause cancer and heart disease, but a new study just proved that smoking has become a cause of back pain relief if you want to give up smoking quick.

Research founder Northwest University School of Medicine professor fan Patrick Berg says people who smoke cigarettes, three times more than those who do not waist become intense suffering. Cigarettes affect the human brain which reacts to changes in the brain reduces back pain which is the cause of the increase in intensity. They say that these findings back hundreds of suffering patients were obtained after the study, five patients MRI at different times and they were asked about the severity of the back pain.

Smoking affects the function of brain cells that forms when the distress that the way to reach the affected tissues of oxygen, which is created from the pain of the joints and bones.

The interesting thing is that it can reduce the circuit activity in those who smoke will and desire is increased, resulting in a sharp decrease in the intensity of their pain comes back. in the brain, it can not affect the speed of the circuit.

The research in the US in 2012 had proved that the cigarette smoker drink more than those who suffer from back ailments.

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