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Online College Courses for high school students

Consider Online College Courses in High School

Did you know that you can earn college credits OSU not set foot on campus? By Oregon Ecampus, You can choose from more than 40 college classes, such as calculus, art, German, philosophy, wildlife, women, gender and sexuality studies, atmospheric science disciplines to choose from. Providing online courses through distance education, mainly through the Internet and / or by video.

According to our registration page description registered courses. You can also get a good start on earning college credits, and take no other courses through your high school offer your college experience.

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Consider Online College Courses in High School

As a high school student, Holly Harvey determined to take many college courses as possible. Just have a problem – from her home 45 minutes drive away in Carrollton, Texas Community College nearby. And she did not have her driver’s license.

Therefore, Harvey got the idea and signed a community college online courses. When she earned her high school diploma, she has completed 45 hours class, may apply for a university degree. “I graduated from college three years, double degree,” Harvey, who is excited about money early graduate said.



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